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A Medicaid professional consultant helping an elderly woman to protect her assets and money from the nursing home spend down.

Our Medicaid Expert Consultant Team will Help Secure Your Assets from the Nursing Home Spend Down

Call us today for a free consultation and we'll show you how much you will save on your nursing home costs. You will protect your assets from the Medicaid spend down! Backed by our Lifetime Medicaid Planning Guarantee.
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Offering a "Lifetime Guarantee!" to Protect 50 to 100% of your assets from the Medicaid Spend-Down

YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY..."GUARANTEEING" in writing a savings of 50-100% of your assets when a loved one is in or on the way into the nursing home!
Our Network of Expert Medicaid Consultants is supported by our diligent Research staff who receive daily updates from every state on all legislation effecting Elder-Year Financial Planning. Eligibility Rules and Regulations relating Medicaid planning are regulated by the state YOU live in and change frequently – typically monthly. Our Research team is devoted to following the rules and regulations of Every State as they change in your area. This allows our Medicaid consultants to Guarantee a plan for you to save 50-100% of your assets while still becoming eligible for your state's Medicaid Program.
Each state has different Medicaid eligibility rules, so it is critical to find an expert that focuses on your state. You will receive help to develop a Medicaid asset protection plan which will significantly reduce your nursing home costs and save you and your family's wealth from the Medicaid spend down. Medicaid Consultants will match you with an advisor within your area who has experience with your states' Medicaid rules and regulations in the planning process and becoming eligible for Medicaid benefits.
Medicaid Consultants can help you wherever you and your family are in the process of Elder Planning:

Medicaid Rules are Confusing and Complicated

Yes, the Medicaid rules are confusing. That's why are Medicaid experts will help guide and advise your family through the emotional and financial devastation that can be amassed when your loved one has to enter a nursing home. Medicaid Consultants have a network of coaches, social workers, and lawyers that will lead you through the complex and confusing web of Medicaid rules, regulations, and hurdles the federal & state governments have placed in front of you to become eligible for Medicaid benefits to cover your loved one's nursing home care. Through your unique Medicaid savings program you can save $100,000 or more in nursing home costs.

Call us today and we'll show you how much you will save on your nursing home costs:

(877) 21-MEDICAID or (877) 216-3342